Deputy Director

Participates in management of the restaurant. He is responsible, as well as director,for attracting new visitors, recruitment and staff management and daily smooth operation of the restaurant. Deputy Director coordinates the work of coaches, supports training of managerial staff and and their certification,personally teaches interns for managerial positions.

Motivates all employees to achieve goals by combining them into united team and charging it with good mood and positive energy. He is responsible for compliance with manufacturing processes and ensurance of equipment operations as well as compliance with safety and health standards.

  • Personal qualities


    Positivity and team spirit in our restaurants - this is what we are primarily working for . We believe in the positive intentions of the people and we are confident that each person has a potential that helps make a significant contribution to the team work, due to his own features that are different from the other's. We consciously look for people that are different from us beacuse it allows to expand our thinking and make better decisions. We train and support everyone, always helping to reveal his potential maximally.

    Good salary and appreciation

    Success, persistence, compliance with the company's standarts are necessarily rewarded. The rewards can be quite different - from diplomas to valuable gifts. But loyalty and work for the company's benefits are guaranteed to be awarded.


    Our company uses various kinds of educational programs for managers. Firstly, it is trainings for new managers. After certification on these trainings employee is completely ready to work in a new position. These programs are quite long, it depends on a position and experience level of the candidate, they can last from 6 to 20 weeks. Secondly, there are seminars for those who already have a manager position. Their goal is to improve professional skills and to implement new management techniques.

  • Position's benefits.

    Think out of the box!

    We will teach you to think out of the box, to be outside borders of stereotypes and patterns. Joining our team, you will get new knowledge and new skills every day, you will meet new people. New ideas and innovative solutions will come soon! You will open new horizons in yourself and your life!

    Communicate easily!

    Always finding common language with everyone. Do you think it's impossible? We will teach you a secret art of communication. Working in team or with guests - you will find right words in each case.

    Be a leader!

    You inspire people, they believe in you and follow you! In our team you won't only learn how to manage, persuade and lead people, you will be able to become a true leader in all aspects of your life!

    Weave a dream!

    The ability to set and achieve goals is the key to success. Our positive attitude and energy - what could be better for your victories? With us, you can realize your dreams!